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Pasco WA Emergency Water Damage Process

Pasco area homeowners face many perils over the years, and water may be one of the most damaging elements that they may have to deal with. While water is a necessary element for life and is commonly used for cooking, cleaning and more on a daily basis, it nonetheless can result in serious property damage if it is not properly controlled. Unfortunately, incidents such as flooding from a bad storm, a ruptured pipe, a leaky roof or even a broken appliance can result in rising water levels in the home. Scheduling water damage repair Pasco WA is a necessary and urgent step to take if you have water streaming throughout your home.

Before You Schedule Water Your Damage Repair Service

While water damage issues are common, some homeowners do not know how to properly deal with them. First, you must understand the dangers caused by water in the home. Within a few hours of water exposure, various surfaces in your home may begin to rot, deteriorate or stain. The home may take on an unpleasant, musty odor. There is also the risk for mold growth. Mold is a harmful substance that can cause illness in you and your loved ones. It can also cause property damage, and its presence may increase your total water damage repair costs. Some of the materials most affected by water damage may be drywall, wood floors, carpeting and electrical systems. These can be costly to repair or replace. Therefore, if possible, stop new water from flowing into your home before scheduling repair service. Each water damage situation is unique, so you will need to assess the situation. For example, if you have a broken pipe, turning off the main water valve is an effective way to prevent more water from flowing into the home.

When the Repair Team Arrives

While stopping the flow of water is an important first step to take, your next step should be to schedule water damage repair in Pasco WA. Look for a team that has a great reputation and that offers an immediate response regardless of the time of day. Timing is critical when dealing with a water issue, so the team you hire should arrive promptly and with all required equipment. Both water extraction and dehumidifying equipment are needed. The team will initially extract standing water, and this process may take up to a few hours in some cases. Next, they will set up dehumidifying fans in strategic areas in the home. These may need to run for several days or longer to be fully effective. The restoration work cannot begin until the home is completely dry.

Ensuring Quality Results

When the restoration work begins, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure quality results. For example, you can keep kids and pets out of the work area. You can also provide the team with unhindered access to the home. In many cases, the team may want to work more than an eight-hour day to complete the project without delay, and your cooperation will yield a faster finished result. In some cases, you may have the ability to choose between restoring or replacing some items. However, in other cases, the team may decide to replace an item. Trust the experience of the team, and rest assured that they will generate superior results for you.

If your home has suffered from water damage recently, restoring its condition without delay is a top priority. The work of a trusted service provider for water damage repair in Pasco WA can result in your home being beautifully restored to its former condition in an expedited manner. Call Clean Image Carpet & Restoration today at (509) 547-8777 for all your water damage needs.